UNF Fall 2010 – Week 1

I’ve started a new series for my painting/drawing research class. It’s going really fast. I’m layering washes on top of freestyle charcoal drawings. It’s nice to be in a rhythm again.

The thought behind these pieces is beginnings and how things are put together. I’ve decided to read the bible over the semester. I did this 90 day bible reading plan last year and so I thought I’d do it again. I’m reading through Genesis right now, the book of Beginnings, so I thought it would be a good place to start with my paintings.

On a side note, I’m getting pumped for the Sufjan Stevens record coming out October 12. If you want you can go to NPR and download a new track. It’s pretty electronic!

As I sit here typing away I’ve got some canvases and rag paper drying (I just gessoed them). One of my goals this term is to produce a solid body of work. Second, and still very important, is posting the thoughts that provoke the paint to apply to the canvas.

All in all this week’s been very full. Two painting classes, a printmaking class, Gothic art history and portfolio. Full load! Next Wednesday, September 1, I’ll be at Art Walk in Downtown Jacksonville. I have a show at Gallery L in the Modis Building and a piece in the Imagination Squared show at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Come out and support local art.