New Relief Print Project

Here are photos of the process and end result of my new relief print. I love printmaking that is easy enough to do at home. I used water soluble inks and fancy resume paper. The cleanup was super simple and the entire printing experience was non-toxic. This four color print took about six hours from start to finish. That includes dry time for the ten print run and for variations.

These are a bunch of found objects I digged up around where I live.



Here's my first run. I'm printing off a paper bag.



A closer look at the paper bag. It makes a great texture.



Then I cut lines into a sheet of Masonite board.



Next, I added a feather I found on my doorstep the other day.



Here's the relief of the feather.



Here's the final product. On the bottom of this print is another abstract element that I carved from Masonite.



Here is an alternative version with a large leaf that I found. This project was so much fun.