Peter Bishop

Today, for some reason, I decided that I wanted to paint, but I didn’t have any of my supplies. I was at UNF between classes and I had some time to kill. So, like any creative, I decided to do something with whatever tools I had. Well, I had my trusty MacBook and the Internet.

My favorite TV show right now is Fringe (a neck-to-neck tie with House). So I found a hi-res photo of Peter Bishop main character  from Fringe and decided to go for it.

At first I was completely lost, but after I played around with some brushes and different styles and blending modes in Photoshop I knew that I was getting steered in the right direction.

Overall, it took about 3 hours (with breaks, of course) to complete.

Here is the image I grabbed to work from:

Some of the steps that I followed were (this is all generic lingo for those who don’t know or use digital software):

1. Duplicated the  image. 2). Paint daubs Filter. 3). Duplicated the layer again. 4). Find Edges Filter. 5). Invert the image. 6). Desaturate. 7). Darken Blend Mode. 8). Paint with the smudge tool. 9). Wet media brush, dry brush on towel. 10). Sample all layers. 11). Bas Relief Filter to complete