Getting Stuff Done

Here’s some things that I’ve been up to lately instead of updating my blog:

1. I’ve been an Art Subbing maniac. I’ve subbed art at a bunch of schools in February. It’s my favorite subject. I’ve taught other subjects, but art is my love; I’d like to say that I know it well. I’ve taught portrait drawing, wax-resist painting and drew stuff in sketchbooks with kids.

2. I’ve been looking at and reading a lot of books from the library. Some of my favorites have been:

Hockney’s People



Wayne Thiebaud: A Paintings Retrospective

I plan to do a series of paintings based off of the concepts found in the Doctrine book.

3. I’ve been exploring plein air painting. I’ve never painted plein air before. If you don’t know what that is, it’s painting outdoors. It’s French for open air. I picked up a book at the library by a guy named Phil Sandusky, He grew up in Jacksonville, but lives in New Orleans. He graduated from JU with a fine art degree and comes back to Jacksonville regularly to visit family. Anyway, his book was a series of plein air paintings of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville area, from downtown to Riverside and Avondale to the Beaches.

So, I got inspired and thought I’d give it a go. I packed up a French Easel with my oils and brushes, packed a couple of canvases and some snacks. I drove to North Beach in Ponte Vedra and set up my gear on this wonderful patio that lets you see the intercoastal marsh as well as the beach. Let me tell you, plein air is hard. i thought it would be easy, but the thing is when clouds pass over the temperature of the painting changes. I didn’t think about the key of the painting (the lighting), either. It was definitely challenging, but it was a lot of fun at the same time.

4. I’ve just started painting Robots and Spaceships. If you didn’t know already, my wife and I are having a baby boy any day now (she’s 37 weeks). If, and when, people ask us what our baby room theme is we tell them that it’s Dinosaurs and Robots. We have tons of dinosaur stuff for our son, from toys to stuffed animals to clothes,etc. I guess it’s hard to find robot stuff (that isn’t Transformers) so I decided to paint a series of toy tin robots and toy tin spaceships. One of my favorite contemporary artists is Eric Joyner and all he paints is scenes of robots and donuts. And he makes a killing!

I’ve finished two paintings so far. I think there will be 6 in all.

5. I’m also painting his name. In addition to painting robots and spaceships for my boy, I’m working on painting his name. No, we aren’t telling his name until he is born. But, guess what letter is in it…