Savannah: Part One

I had my first week of classes at Savannah College of Art and Design this past week. Very exciting stuff. I’m taking Graduate Drawing and Formal Aspects of Painting with two very good artists and professors. I’ve been drawing a lot to say the least (I’ve started a couple paintings, but they will progress next week. I’m super excited to see myself change and grow over this time period where I’m in Savannah for school. I have this sense that the pace of school will pick up as I enter next week. In a week and a half it’s already the midterm and then final projects will be due. It’s all a crazy blur if you’re not in the middle of it.

I’ve really enjoyed venturing to coffee shops and restaurants. The Sentient Bean has been the place to be apparently. I was there Wednesday morning after I took a walk in Forsyth Park. I will be making many more stops there before my time has run out and I return back to the Beaches. For a good sandwich and gazpacho soup, Goose Feathers is where its at.

Since Friday, I’ve been home for the long weekend. Ive had to get some reading done and do some drawings for my drawing class, but it’s been nice to have people around. It’s been a little too quiet and isolating working in my studio for four days straight. It’s nice to have a break in environment and atmosphere.

Here are just a few snapshots of the park in the morning. There will be more photos over the coming weeks.