Goodies from the Library

Since I’ve been back home and away from SCAD for about a week now I started feeling a little down, thinking to myself that there’s all these wonderful books at the Jen Library that I have yet to discover and I don’t have direct access to them (being two hours away and all). So, in an attempt to possibly find gems in my neck of the woods I made my way downtown to the Main Library Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library. Oh, how it appeased my soul to find some very good selections. And I think that these will hold me over until I order some new stuff on Amazon. (For a list of the books I want to read, click here.)

These are the books I checked out (in no apparent order):

Painting Today

Gerhard Richter: A Life in Painting

William Beckman

Eric Fishl: The Krefeld Project

Philip Guston Retrospective

The Drawings of Richard Diebenkorn

Guston in Time: Remembering Philip Guston


And to through in some variety I picked up some fiction:

Gravity’s Rainbow