Art Review: Tony Rodrigues – The Sweet Mundane

Tony Rodrigues – The Sweet Mundane

Back a few Fridays ago I, for the first time, was exposed to Tony Rodrigues‘ paintings. I had previously known him through his serigraphs, but was very surprised by the exhibition of this artist’s work. Thankfully, if you haven’t had the chance to view Tony Rodrigues’ show, The Sweet Mundane, you still have a chance tonight at ArtWalk downtown at Nullspace Gallery on Bay St.

Tony’s paintings are rich with expressive brushwork and thin applications of layered paint, giving off a delectable quality to the built up surfaces of the canvas. In some cases, as with Untitled (Sparkling Gown), Rodrigues leaves areas of the canvas open allowing the viewer into not only the painting process, but pointing to the fact that they are looking at an image. Patterning, hash marks and other symbols direct the aye of the audience from one painting to the next. In each space of collected works the viewer is able to contemplate the various themes at play: identity, youth, the past.

If you live in town and do nothing else at ArtWalk tonight I strongly urge you to visit Nullspace to see Tony Rodrigues’ show. Nullspace is at 109 East Bay Street downtown and they will be open tonight from 6-9pm, so plan accordingly. For more information, please feel free to go here.