4/11/2012 Update for Painting 1 (PNTG 758 – Painting Studio III)

Here is a group of photos to let you know where I’m going for this painting. There are several mock-ups and alterations that I’ve made. In addition to all of the revisions I made to the painting itself I also had to revise, or more accurately, rebuild, my support. I also had to put more braces on the back of the support so that the painting would not bow or bend. Because I’m painting larger now than I ever have before I most certainly ran into issues I’ve never faced before. Overall I think I’m still on a good timeline.

While the painting is in progress I do a lot of research, looking at paintings that have come before me. One idea that I connect with artist Dana Schutz on is this concept of art historical references being a material in an artist’s paintings/art objects. Here are a few master works that I’ve been looking to recently that have informed some choices that I’ve made.

Mary Cassatt - At the Opera

Caravaggio - The Calling of Saint Mathew

Manet - Luncheon on the Grass

In addition to all this work I’ve been reading articles  and watching interviews. Here are some of the things I’ve been concerning my brain and train of thought with:

Provisional Painting by Raphael Rubinstein

Provisional Painting Part 2 by Raphael Rubinstein

The Good Ennui by Dave Hickey

Don Delillo: Falling Man Interview

Conversations with Elmer Bischoff

Oral History Interview with Elmer Bischoff, 1965

Before I go, I thought it would be important to note that I’m working out a composition in my head for Painting 2. I will be scheduling some friends of mine to pose in the next couple days and start blocking out the work as soon as possible.