Weekly Post: 4/24/12

The last week has been very productive. I posed some models and gathered information for a new painting. In addition, I worked on the first painting and I’m happy to say that it’s getting close to completion. Here are some images that show the two works in progress. I am still working on titles, so please bear with me.

Painting 2, likewise, pulls from various art historical references. In this case, I have borrowed concepts from Caravaggio and Manet.

Manet, The Dead Toreador

Caravaggio, The Martyrdom of St. Matthew

While I have been working on these paintings I have been doing some more research. First off, I have begun watching the episodes available online of Art21. These are very inspiring and compelling and at the same time give me an insider look of what it’s like to be an artist in the real world. I have also been looking at some articles by SCAD professor Stephen Knudsen and am looking forward to his new articles concerning color (I will be taking his Advanced Color Theory class over the Summer Quarter). Here are some links to his articles:




Another artist that I’ve been interested in ever since I met Joe Forkan (The Lebowski Cycle) is the late Euan Uglow. Here’s something I came across. Absolutely stunning:


Denise Carson shared this with me, as well, about Adam Caldwell: