Journal for May 2, 2012

I am currently working on Painting 2. Over the weekend I had to create two smaller works for a show that will be going on tonight at Foard Studio in the AT&T building. It should be a good time. The show is a collection of works from 10 artist, including some new comers to the scene (I think I’ve been placed under that label, which is fine with me). SCAD MFA graduate Lily Kuonen is also in the show (She recently got hired on to teach art at Jacksonville University). Here is the flyer:

While I am working on Painting 2 I have been listening to a series of talks between Keith Mayerson and seven or eight other artists who art part of the 8 Americans show. Included in the show are Dana Schutz, Hillary Berseth, and Joe Bradly. While I feel like I know so much about Schutz already, it is refreshing to see her talk in an interview. Joe Bradley’s interview with Mayerson was compelling. He deals with heavily with provisional concepts and I am increasingly attracted to his work. WI could spend several hours and days scouring over scholarly journals about art concepts and interpretations of the meanings of various works across the “pale” of human history, I find that I get much more out of the first hand accounts of artist interview (especially if they are in video format). Here are a few links:

Joe Bradley – 8 Americans

Dana Schutz – 8 Americans

Also, if you wold like to get a sense of my working conditions, here is my Studio Tour video at CoRK Arts District:

Some other artists and art books that I’ve been looking at are Gauguin and Daumier. I’ve also been looking at some articles in my copy of The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come (edited by Frances Carey). I also just picked up A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Hopefully I’ll gain some insights into our contemporary plight.

All in all, I see many long nights ahead. My wife is in the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus and will be performing in Beethoven’s Symphony 9 next week (think Ode to Joy) which means that I will have to be at home with our son every night, only hitting the studio very late in the evening. My goal is to finish Painting 2, or Dylarama, before the deadline so that it has time to dry some before I go to Savanna for my 15-hour review (the weekend of May 25).