Journal Post for May 14, 2012

This last week has been pretty intense. I front loaded my painting and made sure to get all of my written work done early in the week; the reason being is that my wife had rehearsals and performances all week with the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus who performed in Beethoven’s 9th with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Ergo, I was on “baby duty” for the week; not a bad gig, but I didn’t have much time to paint.

This week, on the other hand, I will have plenty of time to paint. My goal is to finish two large scale paintings, not only for my Painting Studio III class, but also for my 15-hour review at the end of next week. There have been many process shots of Painting 2 exhibited in my last post; I don’t plan to bore you with any more at this time. Both paintings that I am working on are are in the dimensions of 96×62 inches, Painting 2 in vertical format and Painting 3 in the horizontal. I will exhibit images of Painting 3’s progress in a later post.

I believe that i previously stated that I was reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Well, I finished it with great delight and was informed by a friend at Chamblin’s Uptown (a local bookstore) that I should now read 1984 by George Orwell. I’m about forty pages into the novel and am enthralled at Orwell’s prophetic interpretation of a futuristic society. It’s been so much fun adding fiction to my research as I seek relevant information that informs my paintings.

This week, in conjunction with reading 1984, I plan to go back and go through other articles and essays that I have previously read as preparation for my Review. By doing this, I believe that I will be more prepared to discuss relevant issues that pertain to my group of works as a whole as well as each individual painting. Tied to this, too, as preparation goes, is the fact that I’m readdressing my artist statement, working towards specifying where I see my work going in relationship to where they are–even solidifying some of the major themes and addressing why I make paintings as opposed to other modes of artmaking. I will post the new statement before I leave for my review.