New Journal Entry for May 21, 2012

I had a great weekend painting. I finished my last two paintings for the quarter and they are currently drying before I drive them up to Savannah where I will have my 15-hour review at SCAD. If you have been tracking my previous posts you will have seen the process shots for painting two, Dylarama. Here is the final version of the painting:

The third painting that I finished is just as large and is in the landscape format. The following images are process shots that give you a sense of what I was dealing with throughout the process. Additionally, there is an image of the painting The Dead Toreador by Manet to give you a sense of the art historical contexts I was playing with with this painting.

Manet, The Dead Toreador

Manet, The Dead Toreador

The final version for Painting 3 (Untitled)

I have not yet resolved the title for this painting. The title will either be Waves and Radiation or Panasonic. Both are phrases that are directly or indirectly related to White Noise, the novel that these paintings are loosely based off of, thematically that is. If you are unfamiliar with White Noise, the novel was written in 1985 by Don Delillo and is a ironic depiction of 80s consumer culture as well as playing with themes of death and apocalypse. It’s pretty dark and is still a biting commentary on our current situation in America.

Related to all of this painting is the very real fact that I will presenting a body of work before a review committee at the end of this week in Savannah, which I had previously stated. I am excited to get healthy feedback even thought the actual process continues to be a bit intense. I am hopeful that this experience will go well and I will have much to process as my continue to hammer out issues and refine my work. As with last week I am going over past readings that may help me be better informed when I speak about the role and function that my paintings play. I’m also giving thought to questions that I might ask the panel in response to the work. All that is taking place I also continue to revise my artist statement before Friday.