Back from Savannah and Ready to Tackle Another Year

For the last several weeks I have been in Savannah, GA for a Summer Quarter in my MFA program at SCAD. It was a great experience and I believe that I broke new ground in my painting process. One of the main focuses over the summer was to create work every day (at the end of it I created around fifty paintings). While this was challenging, I felt the need to add to this task the focus and challenge of painting the portrait (something I felt inadequate in). The face in many ways is like a small body, due to the symmetry and the fitting of forms that are involved, and if things are off then the whole thing is out of whack. The following paintings deal primarily with portraiture, but there are some that incorporate other thematic and narrative issues. Each painting uses a variation of paint application, medium, brushwork, and surface as an investigation into what works and what doesn’t in my painting practice. I will take what I have learned over this quarter and incorporate it into my larger narrative works that I will shortly begin in the next coming weeks.

Another focus of mine over the last quarter was to investigate what painting is and can be in relationship to our present technological circumstance. Must painting be a physical product that uses ground pigment on a flat two dimensional plane? Or can pixels be traded in for pigment? Can a back-lit screen be traded in for a drum-taut stretched canvas? These were just a few of the interesting challenges and problems that I had to face. While challenging and brain melting, these conceptual concerns are important to my overall body of work. Here are a few examples that I created over the term: