Seen & Unseen opens tonight at CoRK Arts District

Tonight brings us the opening reception of “Seen & Unseen”. The show will run from 6-9pm tonight and then by appointment. To make an appointment feel free to reach me at either 904.655.6856 or The exhibition is on view at CoRK Arts District in Riverside. The address is 2689 Roselle Street.

“Seen and Unseen” takes a look at the varieties of approaches of painting in our ever-changing, hyper-visual, contemporary context. These works ask important questions concerning the importance and relevance of painting in  the 21st century. In addition to the works seeking to answer important questions concerning the larger art world, they are, likewise, investigations into the individual artists’ search for an authentic, aesthetic, voice.

Whether representational or abstract, literal or narrative, pointless or playful, this exhibition looks at the possibilities that can be reached within the visual medium of painting.  Artists come from allover the continental United States; as far west as Portland, Oregon and as close to home as the historic Riverside neighborhood in our own lovely city of Jacksonville, Florida. Through all of these seemingly loose parameters of location, media, and objective, in these 34 distinct works the common theme that weaves throughout this collection of artists is that they are MFA candidates at Savannah College of Art and Design