One Hundred Portrait Series (2020)

From March 9 – April 29, 2020, I embarked on a 100 Portrait Series. This group of 100 portrait drawings were created using a variety of materials on Bristol and Watercolor papers. Some of the materials include: India ink, calligraphy ink, Uniball Vision ink pens, markers, acrylic paint, carbon disks, watercolor.


Each of the portraits was created using a direct approach. Basically, that means that there was no preparatory sketching or drawing on the paper before going in with inks, paint, what have you. Creating in this way was satisfactory and challenging all at the same time. There wasn’t much room for “error” and I had to figure out how to resolve issues when I “messed up.” Throughout the entire process, over the course of 50 days (thereabouts) I learned so much about what materials can do and how I can incorporate new methods of making art for my future projects.


In the coming weeks I will be creating a virtual exhibition consisting of each of the 100 portraits. In preparation for this, I will be scanning, editing, and uploading each art piece. Visitors will be able to view each piece and even purchase originals, prints, and a book of the the 100 Portraits Series.


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