“Oh Trust The Echoing” Opens Tomorrow

My exhibition “Oh Thrust The Echoing” opens tomorrow at the Alexander Hall Gallery in Savannah GA. The exhibition runs from October 22-November 4. Please come by if you are in the area.

I will be at the Gallery for “Open Studio” this Friday, October 25 from 5-7pm and at the Closing Reception for the exhibition on November 1.

Here are some installation shots of the exhibition.

CIMG7653 CIMG7656 CIMG7658 CIMG7660 CIMG7662 CIMG7663 CIMG7664 CIMG7666 CIMG7667 CIMG7670 CIMG7671 CIMG7672 CIMG7673 CIMG7674 CIMG7675 CIMG7676

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