Diverse Unity at One Spark 2015

Aiuppy_Thony_Image Bearer_06_PNTG_Fall 2013 This year, I will be participating in the crowdfunding festival, One Spark, in Jacksonville, Florida. The event runs April 7-12, 2015. I’m excited to pitch an art exhibition idea that is dear to my heart called Diverse Unity (Creator #21971) at Chambin’s Uptown, which is just across from Hemming Park. Check out some info on what I hope to accomplish if my project gets funded here. I know that many friends and supporters are interested in what I’m up to so I thought I’d share this wonderful opportunity. I’ll be downtown for the event pretty much as long as they’ll let me through the entire week. I’d love to see you and gain your support not only for my project but also for the continual creative and cultural vitality that continues to gain momentum in Northeast Florida.