One Spark 2015 – Day 2

Yesterday was a pretty fun day at One Spark. I had the opportunity to meet some great people and share with them my pitch for Diverse Unity. I had a conversation with one lady for nearly an hour! I gained close to twenty sitters to pose for photos for my project. As the week of innovation and creativity gains momentum I hope to meet my goal of 45-60 sitters willing to pose to have their portrait painted for the project.

Here’s a few quick sketches I did yesterday of people willing to help me out.




One Spark is a great way to get out and be among people what want to see change happen in their city and support ingenuity and craftsmanship. One Spark is also a great place to connect with old friends and grab a fantastic bite to eat and try things you’ve never though possible before.

Come one, come all. I’d love your support, your vote, and your time. If nothing else, you can fund me with your face!

I’ll be at Chamblin’s Uptown all week (I will be away from 1:30-4:30 today because I’ll be teaching my drawing class at Reddi Arts in San Marco). I hope to see you there, on Laura Street, or on the Skyway.