Has your child registered for MOCA Art Camp yet?

Art Camp Making Papier Mache 885 full.jpegImage courtesy of Ingrid Damiani.

Happy Summer!

Have you registered your child for Art Camp this summer yet? MOCA Art Camp is a phenomenal way for students to have fun while making art. Holding MOCA Art Camp at the Museum gives young minds exposure to contemporary art and can unleash ideas and ways of seeing while engaging in the art-making process.

MOCA Jacksonville’s education team develops themes for each age group that provide a wide array of art-making opportunities. Each project is designed to teach a specific skill related to an artist or contemporary art period and the related vocabulary of tools, mediums, and styles.

An important feature of MOCA Art Camp is that it’s led by professional art educators who have degrees in education, studio art, or art history. Experienced art educators infuse contemporary art connections with art and design fundamentals to create a stimulating learning environment where students create their own two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital artworks.

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