3/16/16 – Some articles

Reading is a fundamental part of my life. It informs my worldview, helps my painting practice, and provides relief and escape. It’s my first and last activity in the course of pretty much every day.

As I sporadically engage with Social Media throughout the week, I save articles people share and set a day and time in which to read them. Today is that day. I’d like to share some of the most interesting reads I found. Most, but not all, are art related.

Great Salt Lake’s Earthen Spiral by Chau Tu

A Pension Plan For The Creative Class by Braden Phillips

Marvels, mysteries of unfinished art in show at Met Breuer by Sebastian Smee

Portraiture: Artist Tim Okamura Reveals Inner Strength of Women by Sheryl Estrada

Avoid Plexiglas and Brush Your Teeth: Christopher Williams on How to Excel as an Artist by Artspace Editors