Some Readings From the Last Week

Here’s some interesting finds over the last week.

Mike Meyer: Man With a Brush

The Truth About Abolition, by Adam Rothman

The Best Scientific Image of the Year was a Hand-Painted Watercolor, by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Apply for an Artist’s Residency at the World’s Largest Particle Collider, Karen Fawcett

One of the Most Successful Women in the History of Art Finally Receives Retrospective, by  Natalie Hegert

The Harvard Library That Protects The World’s Rarest Colors, by Diana Budds

Charter Schools Propping up the School-to-Prison Pipeline, by Lauren Camera

The Many Masks Of Batman In ‘Caped Crusade’

Beer with a Painter: Sam Gilliam, by Jennifer Samet

Three Poems by Sally Wen Mao